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Our mission is to democratize access to high returns in the institutional real estate market.

It belongs to the technological and innovative ecosystem where developers and investors communicate, manage funding and capitalize on their investments.

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We are Real Estate Crowdfunding

We are a crowd finance platform authorized by the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV), listed with registration number 30. We are transparent and work in the best interest of our clients. Before investing, please read the Basic Information for the Investing Client and be aware of the risks.

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Top opportunities

We feature the best real estate opportunities from the most outstanding sponsors

Investment Period -
Total Estimated Return -
Type of Strategy -
Investment Period -
Total Estimated Return -
Type of Strategy -
Investment Period -
Total Estimated Return -
Type of Strategy -
Funded 100,00%
100 Investments
Completed in 1 days
Investment Period 13 months
Total Estimated Return 10,83%
Type of Strategy Loan
Funded 100,00%
37 Investments
Completed in 1 days
Investment Period 48 months
Total Estimated Return Ver Escenarios
Type of Strategy Value Add
Funded 100,00%
366 Investments
Investment Period 7 months
Total Estimated Return Ver Escenarios
Type of Strategy Value Add

Investment Modalities

In wecity you will find 3 types of investment to
make your savings profitable.

Capital gain

Buy, renovate and sell.

Short term: 12 to 36 months
Yield: 13% to 18%
Also called "Value Added” investment


Buy, rent and sell.

Mid term: 3 to 5 years
Rental yield: 3% to 7%
Capital gain yield: 10% to 15%


Loans to the sponsor.

Fixed interest: % linked to your investment.
Variable Interest: % linked to success
Coming soon ( license pending)

Types of assets

In wecity we focus, depending on each developer and market conditions,
on the assets that can offer the highest returns


Invest in homes and residential property led by renowned developers


Invest in commercial premises, shopping centers or medium-sized retail spaces

Offices and logistics

Invest in office space, either in individual floors or entire buildings

What kind of investor are you?

Spanish Act 5/2015 on the Promotion of Business Financing establishes 2 types of investors:
those who are subject to investment limits per project and year... and those who will be able to invest without limits!

Inversor acreditado-wecity

Accredited investor

No investment limits  
See the Benefits 

inversor no acreditado-wecity

Non-accredited investor

Investment limits per project and year

Our Fees

Don't keep wondering what price would be charged... because that is the best thing about wecity.
For you, as an investor, it’s TOTALLY FREE

cero por ciento inversores-wecity

For Investors

Support Fee: Free
Success Fee: Free
Payment Gateway: Free

Desde 1 por ciento promotores-wecity

For Sponsors

Support Fee: From 950 €
Success Fee: from 1% to 5%
Payment Gateway: from 0.2%

We invest with you

One of wecity's main strengths is that we will only feature opportunities in which we guarantee we will invest with you.

20 por ciento mínimo-wecity

The Sponsor invests

“skin in the game”
Projects featured in wecity will involve a substantial participation of the developer leading each opportunity


wecity invests

“skin in the game”
We trust our analysts so much that we will invest with you up to the limit allowed by legislation in force (10%)

Our commitment

We are performance-oriented and service-oriented.
Our commitment is always to excellence, transparency, security and profitability.

In other words, we are committed to you.

About us

crowdfunding inmobiliario

Our values

Experiencia wecity


wecity works with a multidisciplinary team with the greatest real estate expertise, ensuring great judgment in the study of opportunities and a successful track record in the investment market.

Rentabilidad wecity


Real estate investment provides high returns in the global investment market. Our opportunities undergo prior thorough analysis in order to offer the best returns to the investor..

Transparencia wecity


We guarantee to provide you with clear and accurate information, with no misleading ambiguities. You will know at all times where your money is, with whom you are investing and what our fees are. This is the foundation of trust.

Mercado institucional wecity

Institutional Market

Our goal is to give every investor access to the institutional real estate market, traditionally restricted to just a few investors.

Tecnología wecity


We are digital.
wecity uses the most advanced technology to bring the real estate market to your device with just one click.

Seguridad wecity


Your security is essential for us. Therefore, we have information encryption systems, suspicious activity surveillance, anti-fraud specialists and verification systems to guarantee that your information is only yours.

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