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“Never depend on single income. Make investment to create a second source.” @Warren Buffett

1. I choose the opportunities where I will invest

wecity identifies the best opportunities in the institutional market which used to be out of reach for most investors.

2. I sign up and invest safely and securely

I sign up in wecity in 1 minute.
I invest safely by credit card or bank transfer.

3. I manage my returns

From “My investments” I easily monitor the investment status in my different properties and manage my returns.

Our Fees

Don’t keep wondering what price would be charged… because that is the best thing about wecity.
For you, as an investor, it’s TOTALLY FREE.

For Investors

Support Fee: Free
Success Fee: Free
Payment Gateway: Free

For Sponsors

Support Fee: From 950 €
Success Fee: from 1% to 5%
Payment Gateway: from 0.2%

What kind of investor are you?

Spanish Act 5/2015 on the Promotion of Business Financing establishes 2 types of investors:
those who are subject to investment limits per project and year… and those who will be able to invest without limits!




No investment limits
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Non-accredited investor

Investment limits per project and year

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Commission Free


No investment fees



If the funding objective is not achieved,
you get your money back

without doubts

For our team at wecity it is very important that you feel confident about your investment.
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Investor’s safety


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Your safety as an investor is essential for us.
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