We are your alternative to traditional financing

Fund your projects, create your own portfolio of investors and manage your opportunities through our platform.
All this in an easy, secure and transparent way.

Funding success

In wecity we will provide you with the necessary visibility for your project and all the technology and innovation to successfully finance it.

A new ecosystem

It belongs to the technological and innovative ecosystem where
developers and investors communicate, manage funding and capitalize on their investments.



wecity is authorized by the CNMV. We are a multidisciplinary team with the greatest real estate expertise working under the guidance of the most renowned companies in the different areas of the real estate sector.


A differentiating aspect from traditional banking is that you will create your own portfolio of investors for future opportunities. Whenever you like, you will have direct access to a group of investors who will finance your projects.


Being a developer in wecity means having access to the most innovative technology which allows you to reach the greatest number of investors in the easiest possible way.


Somos transparentes con los promotores, con la gestión, con las tarifas, con los inversores, con la CNMV… en definitiva, somos tecnológicos y nos facilita ser 100% transparentes para nuestros clientes.


We comply with the most demanding communication and security protocols that both guarantee your investors’ data protection and ensure that the invested money will reach the destination bank account.


Our technology simplifies the communication between investors and opportunities. With a single click, each project can be financed from anywhere, from any device and with the maximum security level.

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